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You will find below a selection of testimonials of our individual and business customers.

Individual Customers Testimonials

Professional Clients Testimonials

Individual Customers Testimonials

"My son received the parcel this morning and he told me that the chocolates are very good. I will not hesitate to place a new order and to recommand your chocolate to my friends!" Corine, 17/12/2009

" I have the great pleasure to be one of your clients since Christmas, and I don’t regret it. As the image of Abanico, your chocolates express a subtleness in which I recognize myself personally." Arnaud, 01/12/2010

"Only one praise about Abanico... Your chocolates are just EXQUISITE, your concept of fan-shaped boxes is brilliant because it evokes warm and sharing with friends. You have convinced me to move away from another famous chocolatier ! A big cocoa thank you!" Mumu, 01/14/2010

"I really want to congratulate you for the quality of your products. I ordered a Valentine’s Day Box for my lover and he was deeply pleased. Chocolates were delicious ! Thank you very much !" Ingrid, 01/17/2010

"Your chocolates are EXXXXXXceptional " Claire, 01/21/2010

"For a real food-lover like me, these chocolates are superb! I offered an Abanico tasting workshop for a birthday and I’m very happy of it." Bambou, 03/27/2010

"I took part in an Abanico tasting workshop and this is unique ! It’s an explosion of unexpected savours ! With a special mention to the lime ganache and a very special mention to the passion fruit ganache ! Congratulation for the website : pleasant, quick..." Guy, 03/27/2010

"Delightful and innovative chocolates, advice to learn to taste them, a passionate and fascinating team. Abanico tasting workshop : an experience that we recommend!" Violaine, 03/27/2010

"Chocolates are delicious and I enjoy the size and the decoration of the chocolates." Sabine, 03/28/2010

"Thank you for communicating a little bit of your knowledge and your passion last evening. I spent a very nice and interesting moment. I will buy soon your wonderful chocolates and I will definitely spread the word !" Aurore, 06/17/2010

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Professional Clients Testimonials

Native Communication, 01/14/2010
Hello, I would like to thank you and Caroline de Hauteclocque for the chocolate box we receive at the agency. They are delicious, our clients are seduced too. Very good day."

Creative director & partner, 01/21/2010
I have to say to you that your chocolates as well as they are packed in an incredible and very beautiful box they are also delightful. Everybody here is unanimous !!!"

Kérastase, 01/21/2010
On behalf of all the Marketing Team I want to thank you for this kind attention : the chocolates are divine!!!"

Clyne Blog, 01/28/2010
I received your chocolate box, and it was all eaten within 5 minutes since I was surrounded by my colleagues! :) Everyone found them very good and we entertained ourselves thanks to your choco-personality test! Moreover we really like your packaging and the descriptions of your chocolates."

Jean Pierre COFFE, 18/02/2010
Hello, We received your chocolates and I thank you. They are exquisite, your idea seems to be worthy of finding enthusiastic customers. I wish you good luck."

Atelier Guy Martin, 02/08/2010
I have discovered Abanico chocolates : suprising flavours, everything is already here to charm even the greatest experts as well as the most demanding customers, like me!! Quality of raw material, cocoa, research and association of flavours that come with a refined packaging "chic, contemporary, glamour and innovative". When I think of the fan, it makes me willing to give it as a gift to my customers, my friends... In a nutshell: BRAVO, it had to exist!"

Bioderma, le 04/02/2010
"The entire team enjoyed your chocolates which are very good !
We will buy again your chocolate for an other event."

Laboratoire Chauvin, 06/15/2010

"We have been very satisfied of our choice, our customers enjoyed the originality and the display quality."

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